Welcome to Kid's Needs Foundation


"As an expectant mother, I had the dreams most parents have for their children, to img_2886 copysee them growing, walking, running…but these dreams were shattered by the news I received when my son  was diagnosed with cerebral palsy.

After the pain, denial and anger of the first moments, I decided I had to embrace this new chapter in our lives. There were sure to be challenges and frustrations, but most of all, I would be learning every single day. It became my job to learn what I could do to make our lives better, I had to advocate for him, fight for his rights, and I had to succeed.

When I look around and see families going through what I have been through I know they, too, feel the confusion and frustration I felt.

I’ve been there, I am still there, and I am still learning!

We are not alone.

We are here to assist you to find the answers to the unique needs and problems your child and family are facing.


As a result of this desire, Kids Needs Foundation was born.


Kids Needs Foundation is a non profit 501(c)(3)organization that  provides equipment for children with special needs when there is no other source available, and information on how to self advocate and obtain specialized  services through agencies  in the State of Florida.

Please, join me in fulfilling my vision; let us pursue our vision for the sake of families like yours and mine, and our children we love.


Cristiane Salgado